Season Goals

Firstly, I don’t update the site enough. At the moment I am without a PC which makes things just that little bit harder, hopefully I will get that resolved soon and I can make more regular updates.
I want to do more articles about the history of the club, obviously these take time to put together, look out for one in the coming days.
The data on the site currently goes back to 1975/76 and inputting is quite a slow process. I think the best way to speed things up will be to continue inputting full match records (opposition, date, comp, result, line ups, scorers) until the beginning of 1968/69, that is when we first entered the NPL and so we will have a full record back to this point. My aim is to get this done by Christmas although that will be some going! After that I plan to input just the basics, i.e. No line ups/scorers. This will allow me to record the clubs results much faster and again, I hope to get back to the 20’s by the season’s end and complete the results by Christmas 2017. After that I can then go back to adding the player information for each match, the bit that takes the time. That is the plan anyway.
Finally, I need to get to more games. I only managed a pitiful 2 last season, I have already beaten that this season if I include friendlies. I work shifts which makes it difficult but I’m sure I can make 10 if I try.
I’m on Twitter @prestwichtiger and each day for this season I will be featuring a historical game played on that day. Please retweet these if you can so I can spread the database to a wider audience, thanks.
Anyway, that’s all for now. Just really wanted to express my plans for updating the site. Watch out for an article in the next few days!