A few Thank You’s and updates

A little while ago, I finished uploading the data for the 1978/79 season and unfortunately a journalist’s strike meant we were missing some results for this season. Just want to say Thank You to Andy McAnulty and Tony Spencer who combined to put me in touch with John Ellis who has been compiling all known Cheshire County League results. Needless to say, John came up with the goods and I am now pleased to say we have all league results from that season. Just a few line ups with gaps now but that is always going to happen as we go back.

Also, huge thanks to Mike Pavasovic for writing the Hyde United Miscellany, which has allowed me to finish off all the team line ups for the 1988/89 season. From March 1989 there were no complete team line ups as I had lost a couple of pages from the data I was working with. This has led to a few amendments to players records from that time, including Mike Lutkevitch moving to 110 goals, Keith Hicks moving to 104 games, Carl Hodgert to 209 games and changes to all other players from that time such as Paul Kirkham, Gary Walker and John Bishop. Thanks also to Phil Chadwick for hand delivering the book straight to my door, top class service from our club shop!