Two more seasons added

I’ve managed to get quite a few more records onto the site in the last few days and it means that season’s 1979/80 and 1978/79 are now on the site. I suppose it was always going to happen, but in getting these on, it has become apparent that some data is missing historically. Some player line ups are incomplete and looking at the resources Mike Pavasovic used to gain this information, I fear that they may be lost forever. I maybe have a couple of avenues I can explore but given the amount of time that has passed by, they are log shots! Nevertheless, I shall endeavour to see if at least some of the gaps can be filled in.

A journalists strike in 1979 has also meant that we are missing some results and also some dates for matches in 1978/79. I am confident that I will be able to find most of this information given time.

In the meantime, i have added a MISSING INFORMATION PAGE to show what information is missing. Please feel free to refer to this page.