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Hyde's record in Northern Premier League Premier Division

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The Northern Premier League was just that, the top league in the North, on it's inagural season in 68/69. It was a feeder to the Football League back then, although there was no automatic promotion, but it lost some of it's status when the Alliance (Conference) was formed. In 2004/05 the Conference added two new regional divisions and the NPL further relinquished it's status. It is now 3 steps down from the Football League.

 PWDLFAGDPtsPositionLeague Table
1968/1969381610127165+6427thLeague Table 
1969/19703815716595903711thLeague Table 
1982/1983421812129163+28668thLeague Table 
1983/198442178176163-25911thLeague Table 
1984/198542218136852+16714thLeague Table 
1985/1986421415136362+15710thLeague Table 
1986/1987421510178170+115511thLeague Table 
1987/198842251079152+39852ndLeague Table 
1988/198942248107744+33802ndLeague Table 
1989/199042218137347+26714thLeague Table 
1990/1991401411157363+105311thLeague Table 
1991/199242179166967+2609thLeague Table 
1992/1993421713128771+16649thLeague Table 
1993/1994421710158071+9619thLeague Table 
1994/1995422210108959+30764thLeague Table 
1995/1996422111108651+35743rdLeague Table 
1996/199744221669346+47823rdLeague Table 
1997/1998421316136055+55512thLeague Table 
1998/1999421611156148+13599thLeague Table 
1999/200044241377744+33852ndLeague Table 
2000/2001441312197279-75116thLeague Table 
2001/2002441010246187-264022ndLeague Table 
2002/20034458314098-582323rd^League Table 
2004/200541241348043+37881st*League Table 
2015/201646117285390-374022nd^League Table 
2018/201940158175853+55310thLeague Table 
2019/202033127145555043*10th VoidLeague Table 
2020/2021613256-16*17th VoidLeague Table 
2021/202242148205265-135018thLeague Table 
2022/2023411811126341+22656thLeague Table 
2023/2024381810106543+2264UnknownLeague Table 
Total125351031343021141812+3021815-All tables

* = Promoted
^ = Relegated

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